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5 Things to Look for In an Industrial Metal Bracket Manufacturer

Learn the 5 Things to Look for In an Industrial Metal Bracket Manufacturer


1: Experience Producing Industrial Metal Brackets

Before you consider the specific capabilities of an industrial metal bracket manufacturer, we recommend ensuring that any business you are considering for contract work has deep experience in the field. When we refer to experience, this includes both experience in business and experience completing industrial metal bracket manufacturing jobs like yours. At Hensa, we maintain high tech equipment that our experienced team uses to manufacture commercial metal brackets.

Throughout our 40 years in business, we have reliably completed countless industrial bracket contracts. These contracts have required our team to manufacture brackets for construction projects, architectural installations, and industrial scenarios such as when large engines or generators need to be secured in place. Our experience is what allows us to do so effectively, and our history working with businesses in industries including architecture, construction, automotive, and more is how we have gained this important experience. 


2: Capacity to Handle Your Volume of Industrial Bracket Production

Once you confirm that an industrial bracket manufacturer has the experience needed to handle your job reliably, the next step is determining whether they can produce your brackets at the volume you require. Whether you are seeking a single industrial metal bracket or a higher volume production run, you will want to discuss the manufacturer’s capacity. With 5 coil feed lines and 14 stamping presses, capacity is no challenge for us. Though your job may be low volume or one-off, our ability to handle higher capacity work means we can avoid getting backed up completing other jobs, which helps to ensure we can complete your job promptly.


3: Ability to Complete Orders with Reliable Turnaround Times

There are times when an industrial metal bracket manufacturer would be the right choice for a job in theory but is backed up with other contracts and cannot begin work producing your bracket(s) promptly. This is why it is crucial to discuss your turnaround time needs before deciding which business to contract. The Hensa team understands that honoring turnaround time guarantees is vital to both your business and our ability to work with you in the future, so we take our manufacturing timeframes seriously. Thankfully, we have the equipment needed to complete the work quickly. Our stamping presses range from 5 all the way to 400 tons and can handle speeds of 60 strokes per minute and 3’ per second feet rates. The maximum workpiece width our presses can handle is 84” in width, so both volume and size are no challenge for Hensa. 


4. Skill Working with Diverse Metals When Producing Industrial Brackets

Not all commercial brackets are made of the same metals, but a skilled manufacturer will have experience and comfort working whatever your job requires. Though some metals are poorly suited to serve as sturdy industrial brackets, there are a range of materials we work with that may be perfect for your job. At Hensa we typically manufacture our industrial metal bracket using steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and brass. All these metals are durable, and each has properties that lend themselves toward reliability in different industrial environments.


5. Access to Value-Added Services to Make Contracting More Beneficial

One final, important aspect to look for in your industrial metal bracket manufacturer is their ability to offer additional services. Not every industrial bracket maker has the capacity to do more than stamp metal brackets, and it is likely that you need more to be done. Some value-added stamping solutions you may benefit from include finishing services like painting, powder-coating, plating or anodizing depending on base material, heat treatment for improved durability, assembly work, and more. All of these are services Hensa offers, making us an ideal industrial metal bracket manufacturer regardless of your needs.

As evidenced throughout this post, Hensa’s capabilities meet the demands of each of the 5 areas of focus we have considered here. If you want to benefit from our holistic suite of solutions, contact us for your industrial metal bracket manufacturing job today.

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