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Accurate, reliable components require properly designed, precisely built dies. Assemblies that meet 100% as-specified standards require exacting fixtures. Our tooling is conceived with the finished product use in mind. After we engineer, design, model, and build these precise dies and fixtures, our specialists will regularly inspect, repair as needed, and re-certify all tooling after every production cycle.

At HENSA, we supply and source tooling for stamping and forming purposes, including complete die sets. This vast tooling skill set allows our team to respond quickly to the precise engineering needs of our customers. Regardless of your familiarity with tooling, our experts can take you through the process, from material selection, configuration, and staging, all the way to assembly, testing, and maintenance.

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Die-Making | Cold Forming Dies, Progressive Stamping Dies, & More


For years, HENSA has produced high-quality dies for customers in a variety of industries. We use the latest in computer-aided design (CAD) software to accurately render your ideas in a 3D environment. We design and manufacture dies with ease; the expertise offered by our tool and die makers can help you decide which type of stamping die will best suit your project. Some of the most common stamping dies we produce include:

  • Cold Forming Dies
  • Single/Multi Compound Dies
  • Progressive Stamping Dies
  • Deep Draw Dies
  • Coining, Shearing, & Punching Dies

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