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Kit Packaging Solutions & Packaging for Repeatable Field Assembly

In conjunction with your packaging requirements, HENSA offers full assembly and kitting services. HENSA often assembles kits for construction job sites in order to simplify field erection and building construction. Years of industry experience have united us with some of the country’s best packaging suppliers, allowing customers to enjoy our discounted supply rates. We view ourselves as an extension of your business, carefully packing hardware and instruction packets to be delivered safely and efficiently around the world.

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Custom Product Packaging & Global Distribution Solutions

Custom Product Packaging

HENSA designs custom product packaging for new marketing initiatives. We provide automated, hand-constructed, and hybrid assembly for custom packaging fulfillment. Our packaging solutions can also incorporate shrink wrapping, strapping, labeling, and bag sealing.

Our customers depend on our ability to listen and solve the distribution issues they are experiencing. From JIT schedules and barcoding to meeting seemingly impossible delivery schedules, our customers know they can pick up the phone and expect HENSA to meet those requirements. We currently ship to hundreds of destinations around the world by identifying and sourcing kitting and packaging materials that specifically meet the needs of our customers. Are you looking for stock-box, customization, or environmentally friendly packaging? You’ve come to the right place. HENSA is experienced in drop-ship programs, allowing our customers peace of mind and better lead time visibility. HENSA’s fulfillment services include (but are not limited to):

  • Bagging and labeling
  • Assembling and packaging
  • Kitting into polybags, clamshells, or other desired packaging
  • Boxing (customized or standardized)
  • Combining kits into master cartons or display boxes for store shelf use
  • Applying labels, header cards, security tags, or marketing stickers

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