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Metal Fabrication, Stamping, & Finishing Services

Our Turnkey Manufacturing Services

At HENSA, when we think about metal stamping, fabrication, and the manufacturing process as a whole, one of our first thoughts is how we can stay cost-efficient while retaining products of the highest quality. Fortunately for them, we’ve found a few ways. HENSA stocks at least 150,000 pounds of metal a week and turns it into 3,500 parts that are actively produced, stored, and delivered. If that’s what we can offer you today, just imagine what we’ll be able to offer you tomorrow.

Forming Die Manufacturer with In-House Tool Making Capabilities| HENSA

Accurate, reliable components require properly designed, precisely built dies. Assemblies that meet 100% as-specified standards require exacting fixtures. Our tooling is conceived with the finished product use in mind. After we engineer, design, model, and build these precise dies and fixtures, our specialists will regularly inspect, repair as needed, and re-certify all tooling after every production cycle.

Full-Service Metal Stamping

At HENSA, we blank, punch, pierce, extrude, fold, draw, and cut-to-length a wide range of sizes and materials with our stamping presses. We regularly work with carbon steel, stainless, galvanized, galvannealed, aluminum, brass, and copper. We utilize 14 stamping presses and five coil feed lines to produce up to 3/8” thick continuously, 3/4” thick by unit, and 3/8” thick progressively.

Fabricating, Welding, & Subassembly

Through the process of metal fabrication, HENSA is capable of building parts, components, weldments, or complete assemblies from coil, sheet, bar stock, tubing, or plate. We regularly work with a broad range of materials, from carbon and stainless steel to aluminum and beyond. We also work with a number of exotic alloys. In their raw form, we regularly work with thicknesses from .02” up to 3/4”.

Kit Packaging Solutions & Packaging for Repeatable Field Assembly

In conjunction with your packaging requirements, HENSA offers full assembly and kitting services. HENSA often assembles kits for construction job sites in order to simplify field erection and building construction. Years of industry experience have united us with some of the country’s best packaging suppliers, allowing customers to enjoy our discounted supply rates.

High-Quality Metal Finishing

High-quality finishing for metal stampings extends the versatility of metal parts for both decorative and protective purposes. It can also be used to enhance electrical conductivity and solderability. HENSA offers treatments capable of meeting our customers’ specific requirements, which can often include inspection methods, environmental regulations, and cosmetic criteria such as color, gloss, texture, thickness, and other specialty features.

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