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Contract Hensa for High-Quality Stainless Steel Stamping in Pennsylvania 

If you have a need for quality stainless steel stamping in Pennsylvania, Hensa is ready to quote and complete your job. We have a decades-long record of performing medium to high volume stamping of stainless steel. We are also sought out to provide many useful value-added services upon completion of our contract stamping work. 

As you read further, you can acquaint yourself with our capabilities, equipment, and value-added solutions. At Hensa, we have structured our business to serve as an extension of our customers’ manufacturing operations. If you want to contract with a stainless steel stamper that can seamlessly integrate into your overall operation, request a quote from us today. 

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Our Presses Can Stamp Stainless Steel Components for Precision Equipment 

Do you operate in the automotive industry or in another precision focused industry such as power generation, transportation, furniture, or construction? If so, you need a manufacturer like Hensa that performs stainless steel stamping in Pennsylvania with presses that can handle your demands. Our 14 stamping presses can produce punched, blanked, extruded, pierced, folded, and drawn components up to 3/8” thick continuously, 3/4” thick, and 3/8” thick progressively. With feed rates of up to 3’ per second and presses performing up to 60 strokes per minute, performing a higher volume stamping job for you will be no challenge.


Completing Quality Stamping of Stainless Steel Even at Higher Volumes

At Hensa, quality remains a primary focus even when we are stamping stainless steel at high volumes. While the quality of our work begins with the materials we use and the stamping presses we operate, these are only two components to our quality assurance program. We also have team members dedicated to reviewing our completed work and making sure no stamped stainless steel parts or complete assemblies are delivered before a thorough inspection is conducted. These three aspects allow us to ensure our quality assurances are honored, even on higher volume metal stamping jobs you may need to be completed.


Include Finishing, Packaging, and Delivery with Your Stamping Contract

You may have a straightforward order for stamped stainless steel that you want to place. We are prepared to fulfill your order if this is the case. You may have existing tooling that Hensa can put into operation very quickly. Before you submit your drawings and request a quote, we recommend acquainting yourself with our full offering. For example, you can benefit from our packaging and kitting solutions if you are interested in having a full-assembly job completed for distribution. As a full-service stainless steel stamper, you can receive production solutions and also have access to valuable recommendations on how to complete a stamping project. You can trust Hensa to get your parts or assembled products delivered where you need them as promptly as possible. Our team is trained in JIT distribution, which means we can seamlessly integrate the delivery of these stamped parts into your overall manufacturing process. This includes stocking quantities of your product for immediate shipment.


Quality, Precision, and Promptness Make Hensa the Ideal Stainless Steel Stamper to Contract

The right stainless steel stamper to select for your next job should utilize precision machinery, offer prompt completion of your job regardless of volume, and provide quality guarantees. We offer all of this at Hensa, whether you have a straightforward need for medium-high volume stainless steel stamping in Pennsylvania or a job that requires some of our value-added solutions. 

Our goal is to act as an extension of your manufacturing operation, and the quality and reliable turnaround times we offer help us to do so. Now that you have an understanding of our equipment, capabilities, and reputation, we invite you to request a quote for your next job. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with the stamped stainless steel components or complete assemblies you need. 

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