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In-House Capabilities Including Quality Metal Finishing Set Hensa Apart

In-House Capabilities Including Fabricating and Quality Metal Finishing Set Hensa Apart

When companies in the Tristate area and beyond need full-service contract metalworking completed by a US-based manufacturer, they choose Hensa. From product development and metal stamping to quality metal finishing, packaging, and distribution, Hensa has the materials and team needed to efficiently handle your metalworking needs, whatever they may be. Though our stamping work is widely recognized for its quality, efficient lead times, and low cost, this is only one facet of what makes Hensa special. To make working with us as seamless as possible, we maintain a broad inventory of metals. In addition to stamping, we offer fabrication, welding, and subassembly work, and even value-added services such as packaging and distribution to help ensure our completed work arrives where it is needed on time.

Offering a Wide Inventory of Metals Maintained In-House

One important advantage to choosing for your contract metalworking Hensa is our ability to maintain a wide range of materials in-house, which are utilized for customers’ metalworking and fabrication jobs. For example, we stock materials including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and numerous exotic alloys, and typically work with raw material thicknesses of .02” to .75”. Our ability to maintain a variety of materials in-house allows Hensa to offer consistent lead times and lower costs than other shops that need to have materials delivered to complete jobs.  Additionally, not only do we have materials on site, but we also maintain nine advanced CNC Machines and five human-assisted Automated Welding Systems, which make handling even a complex job at a high-volume no challenge for our team. The skilled welders who operate our Automated Welding Systems back up their skills by maintaining American Welding Society (AWS) certifications, so you can trust that the work we do will always be high-quality.

Full-Service Metalworking from Design to Distribution

With our expansive suite of service offerings and materials maintained in-house, our team is frequently contracted to perform quality metal finishing work ranging from drilling, tapping, milling, and countersinking work, as well as to complete detailing of stamped, formed, and fabricated assemblies. Our value-added services including prototype design work and packaging and distribution also make Hensa an ideal selection for your contract manufacturing in Pennsylvania. By offering 3D modeling and tooling, Hensa helps to ensure your metalworking job will be handled as quickly as possible and at a consistently low cost.

Technical Advice Offered by Seasoned Metalworkers

With over 40 years in business and many decades more of combined experience across our workforce, Hensa has handled nearly every metal fabricating job there is, and we have learned plenty along the way. With this experience at hand, our team of seasoned metalworkers is not only equipped to handle your full-service metalworking contract needs, but they will also offer technical advice that helps to make your prototype or recurring production work more efficient and scalable. Our goal is to provide contract manufacturing customers with products that perfectly meet their designs and desires, and our technical expertise allows us to do this while guiding along with jobs in a way that allows for maximum efficiency and quality. If you have a project in mind but want to hear our opinion on how it can best be completed, we invite you to contact us today to discuss your ideas and obtain our advice along with a quote.

Choose Hensa for Jobs Ranging from High-Volume Recurring Work to One-Off Specialty Projects

With our ability to take on contract manufacturing jobs ranging from prototype product design and other custom jobs up to high-production recurring projects, Hensa can efficiently handle the volume your job calls for at a low cost and with competitive lead times. Whether your product is in the design stage or if you have a large metalworking job that needs more consistent lead times from a manufacturer that can offer value-added services like packaging and delivery, Hensa has you covered. We invite you to contact Hensa for quality metal finishing work and whatever other metal-related jobs you may need to be handled.

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