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Metal Bracket Manufacturing in PA

Getting to Know Hensa: An Experienced Metal Bracket Manufacturer in Pennsylvania

At Hensa, our team understands the value of being a full-service metal stamping company that also specializes in metal bracket contract manufacturing. Our broad in-house capabilities allow us to provide contract manufacturing customers with low-cost metal bracket solutions while also offering ideal lead times. From design work to fabrication to finishing metal brackets, Hensa is a trusted choice for your bracket needs. By consistently meeting customer needs for over 40 years, we have developed a reputation as a manufacturer that can be relied upon to deliver high-quality work on time.

Manufacturing Metal Brackets for Global and Fortune 500 OEMs

When Global OEMs require high-quality metal brackets for industrial applications, they come to Hensa for help. For example, Hensa provides contract bracket manufacturing for a Fortune 500 engine manufacturer in Pennsylvania. With our long history in the metal fabrication industry, customers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to local machining shops come to Hensa knowing our metal bracket products will be produced to their precise specifications every time. Our team understands that developing products for OEMs requires consistent quality, so we maintain a stringent Quality Assurance program.

American Made Metal Brackets for Engine Mounts, and Furniture Supports

Hensa’s metal brackets can be utilized for challenging industrial applications such as keeping large engines secure and in place, and they also make components of office furniture. Hensa’s American made metal brackets have been used as components in numerous office furniture products including chairs and desks. We utilize five coil feed lines and 14 stamping presses, with which we can produce up to 3/8” thick continuously, 3/4” thick by unit, 3/8” thick progressively. This range allows us to produce brackets with both standard and custom dimensions.

A Metal Bracket Manufacturer with High Quality Assurance Standards

Through our efficient manufacturing process and experience in design for manufacturability, we produce top quality products at competitive costs. Additionally, thanks to longstanding relationships with material suppliers Hensa can consistently produce top-quality metal brackets for low prices. Our team has a thorough quality assurance program in place, which serves to ensure that our products always meet or exceed contract expectations. An additional reason that Hensa can maintain low-cost production is due to our being a full-service shop that can handle metal fabrication, stamping, finishing, and more. Having this full-service suite of capabilities in-house means that Hensa has the equipment and materials on hand that allow us to complete any metal bracket job you choose us to fulfill.

A Full-Service Domestic Metal Bracket Fabrication and Stamping Company

Finding a full-service domestic metal bracket fabricator is vital if product quality and prompt lead time are important to your business. Hensa has a 40-year legacy of developing top-quality metal brackets made in Pennsylvania and can handle the entire process from design to packaging if desired. By fabricating metals domestically, our team oversees the fabrication process from start to finish, and this oversight helps to ensure only quality assured products ship to customers. Not only does producing metal brackets domestically ensure quality, but it also helps to reduce distribution costs by avoiding overseas and cross border shipping expenses. This combination of quality and efficiency means that metal brackets you acquire from Hensa will always be the best priced options for quality.

Hensa Solves Metal Bracket Challenges and Delivers Products On-Time

At Hensa, we understand that providing high-quality metal brackets on time and at a low cost allows your company to manufacture and ship your products on schedule. We take our role in your overall manufacturing process seriously and strive to serve your unique needs from our Corry, Pennsylvania headquarters. Our expansive suite of modern equipment, decades of experience, and ability to follow precise design specifications make Hensa an ideal company to come to for your contract manufacturing needs. We invite you to contact us today to discuss your needs and obtain a quote.

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