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Hensa Offers Metal Stamping, Assembly, and Kitting

Hensa has been trusted for decades to provide an expansive suite of stamping solutions, which includes metal stamping for complete assemblies. Our capabilities include not just complete assembly stamping but also packaging and kitting of your stamped parts and components. Our skilled team and our 14 stamping presses can work with a wide range of both popular and less common metals. By reading on, you can learn more about our capabilities, capacity for metal stamping, assembly, and kitting. Once you read more, we hope to have the opportunity to review your drawings and quote your next full assembly or stamping job.


Stamping and Preparing Complete Assemblies in a Variety of Metals

We have the experience and equipment needed to stamp materials ranging from stainless steel and aluminum to copper, brass, and more. With our in-house stamping equipment that we will begin to describe below and our ability to efficiently work with a wide range of metals, the team at Hensa can complete high-volume complete assembly stamping jobs while adhering to your needs for quality and maintaining our prompt turnaround time guarantees.


Our Stamping Presses Can Handle 60 Strokes Per Minute and a 3’ Per Second Feet Rate

The team Hensa employs to perform our complete assembly metal stamping work is highly experienced and thoroughly trained. This means that we know how to get your stamping job right on the first run and can work efficiently when completing metal stamping of complete assemblies, even at high volumes. 

Our stamping presses can work at speeds of up to 60 strokes per minute with a 3’ per second feed rate. In addition to the speed at which we can stamp, we can also work with a wide breadth of sizes. For example, we can accommodate workpiece widths of up to 84” and can produce stamped pieces up to 3/8” thick continuously and progressively as well as 3/4” thick by unit. Our metal stamping presses also have a weight range of 5 tons up to 400 tons. This in-house suite of stamping equipment means Hensa is ready to consider quoting nearly any complete assembly stamping job you might need handled.

Consolidate Your Supply Chain With Our Packaging and Kitting Services

When you contract Hensa for your next complete assembly stamping job you will have access to far more than our quality stamping capabilities. With value added services ranging from assembling kits for end users or construction job sites to custom product packaging work, Hensa is a one-stop-shop for your complete assembly metal stamping needs.

We want customers who contract Hensa to utilize us for as much as possible including metal stamping, assembly, finishing, and kitting. If you have needs beyond stamping your complete assembly and want to see if Hensa can help, do not hesitate to ask if we have a solution available or are willing to put together. Our goal is to make contracting Hensa for a stamping job as valuable as possible and our additional services allow us to do so.

Serving the Complete Assembly Stamping Needs of a Wide Array of Industries

Our ability to take on low to high volume stamping jobs while also offering assembly and kitting solutions has allowed us to take on stamping jobs for a wide variety of industries. Industries we serve include Power Generation, Construction, HVAC, Water Filtration, Agriculture, and Automotive. We have the capacity to complete jobs for companies ranging from OEMs to suppliers in higher tiers, and continue to expand our suite of stamping solutions and value added services when customer needs arise. 

We welcome the opportunity to quote and complete your next job that calls for metal stamping, assembly, and kitting. We look forward to reviewing your drawings soon and providing you with a competitive quote.

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