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HENSA Has the Experience and Equipment Needed to Perform Quality Carbon Steel Stamping

At HENSA we have 40 years of experience performing work, which includes quality carbon steel stamping. As we have gained experience completing stamping jobs, we have continually innovated and refined our processes to make them more efficient. What this means is that when you contract HENSA to perform stamping work involving carbon steel, we will be able to complete your job quickly, for a low cost, and with quality guaranteed. As you read further and explore our website, you can develop a greater understanding of our equipment, team, and stamping capabilities. Then, when you are ready to obtain a competitive quote for your stamping job with a short lead time guaranteed, contact us.

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We Utilize State-Of-The-Art Stamping Presses to Punch, Fold, Extrude, and Blank Carbon Steel

In addition to being able to cut carbon steel to size, we can punch, extrude, blank, and fold carbon steel using our advanced stamping presses. The breadth of the stamping work we can complete is matched only by the breadth of the material dimensions our presses can handle. With press weights ranging from 5 to 400 tons, maximum bed dimensions of 96” inches, we can work with carbon steel pieces up to 84” in width. This equipment is controlled by our skilled team who maintain decades of combined experience completing carbon steel stamping work for a diverse variety of industries, some of which we will mention below.


Stamping Carbon Steel for Industries Ranging from Power Generation to Furniture

Our team has developed expertise in working with industries including power generation, automotive, furniture, transportation, plumbing, and beyond. Given carbon steel’s durability, recyclability, and low price point, it is easy to stamp and serve reliably in diverse environments. Regardless of the industry your business operates or that your manufacturing operation serves, you can contract HENSA to stamp carbon steel in the exact way your drawings call for. 


Contract HENSA for Both Specialty Stamping of Carbon Steel and High-Volume Recurring Production 

Some stamping manufacturers offer only lower volume work and lack the equipment needed to handle demanding repeat production jobs. HENSA, however, can offer both while maintaining exceptional quality regardless of the volume your contract calls for. For higher volume jobs, our 14 stamping presses and five coil feeds can perform 60 strokes per minute while taking a feed rate of 3’ per second. Our equipment can produce high volume stamped carbon steel up to 3/4” thick by unit, 3/8” thick progressively, and 3/8” thick continuously.

Go Beyond ISO Certified Stamping Solutions and Benefit from Our Packaging and Delivery Solutions

While you can always contract HENSA for ISO 9001:2018 Certified carbon steel stamping only, our other customers have found it helpful to utilize our extended suite of value added services. These include finishing as well as packaging and kitting to prepare your stamped carbon steel products for seamless field assembly. Additionally, if you are looking for a stamping manufacturer that can reliably integrate their work with your JIT schedule HENSA is the ideal solution. Our efficiency and experience shipping to hundreds of global destinations while also sourcing the right packaging materials for assemblies makes us the right choice to perform post-stamping packaging and delivery work. 

Whether you intended on contracting us for a one-off carbon steel stamping project or want to utilize us as a trusted partner for repeat stamping jobs that include packaging and shipping, contact HENSA today so we can prepare a competitive quote and begin work promptly.

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