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Stamping Metal Parts for Plumbing Applications

Choose Hensa for Stamping Metal Parts for Plumbing Applications in PA

At Hensa we serve companies across a diverse array of industries with our advanced metal stamping capabilities, and this includes companies in the plumbing industry. With 14 stamping presses and the ability to handle high-volume jobs, we are the ideal manufacturer to choose to produce stamped metal parts for plumbing applications in PA.

Our team has decades of experience working with metals including copper, stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, brass, galvanized, and more. Given the different metals used in modern plumbing systems, we maintain the equipment needed to take on any job calling for these materials. If you are developing metal components or assemblies intended for use in plumbing applications, we invite you to contact us to learn how our stamping capabilities can help you ensure product quality and on-time delivery.

High-Quality Plumbing Components Stamped at High-Volumes with Elite Equipment

We are sought after not only for the quality of our work but also for our ability to stamp plumbing components at high volumes for low costs while offering prompt lead times. Our 14 stamping presses can handle speeds up to 60 strokes per minute with feed rates of 3’ per second. Our presses range widely from 5 to 300 tons. This weight range affords us the ability to punch, blank, piece, fold, draw, extrude, and cut-to-length metals in a variety of sizes. Having this stamping equipment at our Corry, Pennsylvania facility means that we can handle stamping metal parts for plumbing applications at high volumes and produced with thicknesses from 22 ga. up to 3/8” continuously, 3/4” by unit, and up to 3/8” progressively.

The Experience Needed to Complete Custom Jobs

Though some of our contract metal stamping customers choose Hensa to complete common metal stamping work, our team has decades of combined experience successfully completing custom stamping jobs, and we welcome the opportunity to complete yours. In addition to the capabilities and equipment mentioned above, our stamping presses have maximum bed dimensions of 96” and can accommodate work pieces with widths up to 84”. Whether it is a component with a large width, a job calling for an infrequently used metal for a one-off plumbing application, or another aspect that makes your custom job unique, we have the requisite experience and equipment to get the job done promptly.

Full-Service Stamping Capabilities Include Packaging and Distribution

We have been successfully stamping metal including plumbing parts for over 40 years and our years working closely with our customers has led to Hensa developing additional services to add even more value than our quality stamping already provides. When you contract with Hensa to stamp your plumbing parts, you will have access to the many benefits of working with a full-service metal stamping company.

Our full-service offerings include packaging stamped products as well as global distribution of completed work. This work can additionally include assembly, bagging and labeling, boxing using both custom and standard boxes, and more. With this suite of offerings, there is no full-service stamping job we are unwilling to consider.

Learn More About our Capabilities and Process by Contacting Hensa for a Quote

Hensa looks forward to serving your stamping needs and we invite you to contact us today. When you contact us, you will have the opportunity to discuss your needs with a knowledgeable member of our team and provide us with your drawings. We will then review your job requirements internally and reply promptly with a competitively priced quote. We always strive to offer short lead times, even when a job is custom. We invite our customers to take advantage of the capabilities our team and large facility offers, and we invite you to contact us today for a quote!

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